Esther und Holger Müller

About me

Born: 18.12.1970 in Dresden
Residence: Herrenberg (Germany)
Family status: married
Education: A-level (Berufliches Gymnasium Hofheim) 1990
Study: Electrical Engineering with specialisation EMK at the TU-Darmstadt 1999
Army: Basic military service as RadGerMech in Eschweiler (Donnerbergkaserne) and Marburg (Tannenberg Kaserne)
Jobs: s. Jobs
IT-knowlegde: Operating systems: DOS, Microsoft Windows, Unix (Linux, IRIX, AIX), MacOS, OSEK
Programming: C, C++, Pascal, E-Lisp, Perl, Shell-Scripts, HTML, CGI, PHP, Java, Python
Hobby: Electronics, computer, model making, diving, swimming, ski driving, dancing, climbing, taking pictures
Languages: German, English (French and Russian learned and forgotten[;-)])
PGP: more information on my PGP page