Esther und Holger Müller


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Security is a very important issue on the Internet. Sensitive data should always be encrypted.

A very common software for doing this is PGP (pretty good privacy). A free replacement for PGP is GnuPG.

You can download my latest 1024 Bit public key to encrypt messages to me.


> gpg --fingerprint This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
pub   1024D/2F7AC2B1 2002-01-10
Key fingerprint = CABC 0010 7CA1 29AA 85F2 EDBC 016F 07C4 2F7A C2B1
uid                  Holger Mueller
uid                  Holger Mueller
sub   1024g/95767B1A 2002-01-10